Wedding Morning Playlist

On the morning of your big day, getting primped with the perfect pre-wedding music can be just as important as picking the right DJ for your actual reception. Setting the tone with the proper soundtrack while you’re getting pretty is critical to building excitement for the evening ahead.  And a solid playlist should reflect the love between you and your soon-to-be partner for life but also foster some bonding (and lip-syncing) with your bridesmaids.






Fresh Flowers VS Silk Flowers

I’ve seen the posts on Facebook asking this question a hundred times…

Should I have fresh flowers or silk?
Is it tacky to have Silk Flowers at a Wedding?
Does anyone make/sell Silk Floral Bouquets?
Should I DIY my flowers?

Honestly, the answer is all the same, choose what you want, it’s your wedding day!

Let’s go over the Pros & Cons:

PROS: Silk wedding flowers do have the advantage of not wilting, which is something to consider if you are having a warm-weather wedding or if you are partial to very delicate flowers that tend to droop quickly.

 Likewise, they won’t freeze in cold weather.

Silk wedding flowers are very lightweight, making bouquets much easier to handle and to transport. They don’t need watering and are much more durable (no worrying about delicate blooms falling apart, sagging, or being stomped on by your flower girl!).

Silk flowers can be scented to smell like the real thing, without the drawback causing sneezing!

A silk bridal bouquet will retain its beauty and look just as gorgeous on your 25th anniversary as it did on your wedding day.

Silk Flower arrangements are perfect for any guests who may have allergies. Most people are unaware that there is a severe allergic reaction to some with fresh eucalyptus (popular wedding décor), it can be as much of a shock to their system as a peanut allergy.


Some silk flowers aren’t always the cheapest. The more obscure your choices are the costlier they are. Keep this in mind when picking floral arrangements. The same is true for fresh flowers as well.

Fresh flowers can brighten up a room with their natural scents, the same can be achieved through added scents with your silk arrangements but you can still tell a difference. Fresh flowers will always be gorgeous to have around.


Should I DIY my Flowers?


If you have the patience, skill and time than I say go for it!

My goal isn’t to sell you everything from my store, I’m here as a Wedding Manager/Planner and I advise what’s in your best interest. If you can do it DIY, then I support you.

My best tips for DIY bouquets is to buy your flowers at either Hobby Lobby or Michaels. I prefer Hobby Lobby for silk florals though, and there is always a 40% off Coupon on the Hobby Lobby website good for one item. If you pay attention throughout the year, they will have at least 2 sales on their silk florals a year.

My company buys them through a bulk supplier, so I can often get them cheaper through my business account, that’s why I try to pass those savings on to you and not charge $300 per silk bouquet like you’ll find in some stores.

On the same side, I had a bride contact me about doing a simple silk rose bouquet and was honest that my prices weren’t the lowest. Michael’s had one for about $15 less then what we sell them at.





The best advice I can give you is to be realistic with your budget and go from there. Silk Floral Arrangements can be beautiful and if done correctly your guests won’t even know they’re not fresh flowers!

My last attempt to show you how awesome silk flowers can be is to remind you of the Hobby Lobby Photo Shoot and how GORGEOUS these ladies are!!


Take a look at the few I have posted on my store. If you’re interested in silk bouquets but don’t see a style you like then just shoot me a picture of what you’re looking for and I can give you a quote.



2018 Couples–May, June & July!!

Where are you in your wedding planning? Are you on time? Behind? Don’t even know?
Then this one is for you!
Bride and groom chair at wedding reception

By now, you’ve figured out the hard way that wedding planning is NOT easy. You most likely knew that there was a lot that went into it, but you probably didn’t know that there is so much more. The hardest part is not knowing what you don’t know!

I’m aware not everyone has the budget for our services, and that’s completely fine, but I don’t think that means you should have to do everything without at least some help!

So, here’s a general breakdown on the upcoming 2018 weddings and where you should be.

May 2018 Brides

You should have everything done, picked up, bought and assigned someone to take care of everything for your Wedding Day. You’re almost to that finish line. Please keep in mind, whomever you ask to be your coordinator for that day won’t get to enjoy the festivities and will be running non-stop. Please make sure you account for this: maybe get them a thank you gift, make sure they eat, and don’t ask your parents to do it. You’ll end up not seeing them and regretting it. I’ve had so many people come back to me saying they wish they had hired us. While I usually try to stress this fact, sometimes it’s not in the budget. So, ask someone that’s not an immediate family member. Make sure you rest, sleep, drink plenty of water, and slow down enough to enjoy your wedding.

Don’t forget the big things:
Marriage License
Licensed Officiant (restrictions apply by state)
Vendor Timeline sent to Vendors
Payments made prior to event (vendors will not show if you haven’t paid)
Tuxedos (rent/buy from HERE)

Don’t forget the little things:
Table Numbers
Seating Charts
Escort Cards

We can help with those, just follow the link to our store!

June 2018 Brides

At this point, you should be receiving RSVP’s. True to form, people will not meet the deadline or not answer altogether. There really is no easy way; you’re going to have to call, text or email to get answers. Make sure you have final headcounts no later than 14 days before your wedding. Finish paying off your vendors, make sure you’ve bought gifts, and are finalizing your vows.

Don’t forget the big things:
Marriage License
Licensed Officiant (restrictions apply by state)
Paying off vendors
Tuxedos (rent/buy from HERE)
Thank you Gifts for your Wedding Party
Order your Silk Flower Bouquets

Don’t forget the little things:
Table Numbers
Seating Charts
Escort Cards
Welcome Bags for guests

We can help with those, just follow the link to our store!

July Brides 2018

With your 2 month deadline, things are going to REALLY start ramping up! If you’re behind at this point, try reaching out for some help, don’t try to do everything yourself. Remember this is supposed to be fun! With the additions to what I’ve written for May and June this is what should be left on your list: You’re invitations should be sent by now, and you should start receiving RSVP’s in the next few weeks. Mail out your Rehearsal Dinner Invitations, Book your after the wedding brunch and send those invitations out. Purchase your Rehearsal Dinner outfits (I suggest Amazon), and start slowly paying off your vendors. If you can finish this list, start right into what the previous months are working on. Better to stay ahead!!

Don’t forget the big things:
Marriage License
Licensed Officiant (restrictions apply by state)
Paying off vendors
Tuxedos (rent/buy from HERE)
Thank you Gifts for your Wedding Party
Order your Silk Flower Bouquets

Don’t forget the little things:
Table Numbers
Seating Charts
Escort Cards
Welcome Bags for guests
Wedding Jewelry

We can help with those, just follow the link to our store!


2018 Couples of August, September and October keep an eye out for your list coming soon! Join our mailing list so you don’t miss out on free tips like this.

Happy Planning!!!

The Natural Couple


Let’s face it, there’s a TON of products out there and they all claim to make you basically immortal. We all know, for most of these products, that’s a bold faced lie. So how do you sift through the mess? By slowly teaching yourself what it really means to be natural.

While I do know of many products that are a natural skincare line, let’s go over one of the biggest things that will GUARANTEE you better skin, a natural glow, minimal to no break-outs and a good step towards getting your body on a healthy path.


It’s not an easy thing to do so let’s start with 10 changes you can start right now to a healthier, more vibrant you!



Start your morning off with a glass of water with lemon BEFORE anything else. Water will actually wake you up faster then coffee ever will!
This helps your body wake up and jump starts your metabolism. Adding the lemon stimulates white blood cell production, vital for your immune system to function properly. As an antioxidant, vitamin C also protects cells from oxidation damage. Drinking lemon water daily ensures your body gets a sizable amount of vitamin C daily.


If you do Yoga, then you know it’s a perfect to start your day. For the people out there like me, who don’t have yoga poses memorized and have a hard time trying to pull out a mat and stay on it while both my dogs and cat think we’re playing some kind of game, then I suggest just doing stretches that you know how to do and learn a new one each week.



Yeah, yeah…you’ve heard it all before. Eat breakfast, yada yada. What you may not know is that when you skip meals, you’re body goes into starvation mode and then it will hold on to whatever your next meal is. I’m guilty of this, (to the point I once almost weighed 300 lbs). Keeping it simple helps a lot. Here in our house, I cook up 3 eggs for me, the munchkin and the hubby. We start out with good proteins and good energy. I timed it once, takes 1 min 12 seconds per person to cook. Trust me, you’ve got the time!

Fresh Orange Juice WEBSITE IMAGE.2f8ad1535b81f3a13a5209b42ec112d31299


So, at this point you’ve had a glass of water with lemon, stretched and eaten eggs. Your stomach should be filling up soon, so having some fresh squeezed OJ should fill you up the rest of the way. This one will take some prep time. I buy about 20-25 oranges from our local Sprouts and juice them all so that we have a full pitcher of fresh orange juice for the week. No additives, no chemicals, literally just oranges. Roughly 20 minutes of juicing time (or 1 episode of Roseanne) and you’re good for the week. You’ll need a citrus juicer for this (different than a regular juicer). No worries, I bought mine for $16 on Amazon.  If you don’t want to wait two days, Wal-Mart has one for $18



This one I had to learn the hard way. I used to eat once a day, after a 14 hour day at work going non-stop and then I would eat EVERYTHING! Turns out, SUPER not good for you. Kills your metabolism and helps you gain weight not lose it. Eating more often, in smaller portions helps keep your blood sugars, metabolism and energy running smoothly without the highs and lows associated with only eating 3 times a day. We really need to kick the 3 meals a day rule, it’s actually not enough.



It’s true, I’m not going to lie to you. You’re gonna pee…..A LOT. It’s a good thing though! Staying hydrated is what keeps your energy up, keeps your skin healthy (and not dry), keeps your lips from being chapped, etc. It’s the NUMBER ONE thing everyone recommends when every bride asks, “How should I start taking care of my skin?”
It’s not just starting out your day with water, it’s drinking it throughout the day too.



Drinking fresh juices, especially green juice, is a catalyst for your health. This beautiful green glass can help you lose weight, have healthier skin; in large doses it’s proven to cure diabetes and asthma. This is how you get your vegetables for each day in without having to eat them all. You can get a juicer for as low as $30 at Wal-Mart or on Amazon, so it’s not a huge investment!
Drink at least 1 glass a day to start out and you’ll be making huge strides to a healthier you.
Green Juice Recipe:
7 Apples
2 Bunches of Kale
1 Head of Celery
2 Cucumbers
1/2 Cup Lemon Juice



Not only does drinking Green Tea help your metabolism it also curbs your appetite. I’ve learned that having a cuppa about an hour after dinner (as a dessert) will keep you from getting hungry later and helps curb those late night cravings.



You mean go on a diet? Nope, I mean changing your habits. Learn new ones, make better food choices, think about what you’re eating. Is it easy? Hell no…..but it’s worth it. I prefer Paleo, and my time spent as Exec.Chef at Luxury Brand Hotels proves that people overall love eating foods that not only taste amazing but are healthy, natural and locally sourced. Do I expect you to go out and start all this tomorrow? No way, I don’t actually advise it. What I tell people to do is make small changes. If you drink soda or energy drinks, stop. Choose 2 meals that you love and learn to make them the Paleo or Keto version, and slowly change over that way until one day you’re completed switched over. Baby steps overtime will become new habits. Trying to change overnight will result in crashing and burning. Take your time.



Sleep is SO crucial! Ask any Olympic Athlete or Crossfit Games Champion; one of the biggest things they do on a daily basis is make sure they sleep. 6-8 hours for men and closer to 9-10 hours for women. Women do actually need more sleep than men do (this makes me so happy!)
For those of you who have a hard time sleeping, you can try reading before bed, sleeping in a room that’s cold, Melatonin or the use the 4-7-8 Breathing Technique.
Breath in for 4 seconds, hold for 7 seconds, breath out for 8 seconds. Repeat. This helps lower the heart rate and get you ready for sleep.




Bridal Beauty Checklist

So here it is! This is what I tell my brides that want to know what I suggest for beauty care leading up to the big day!

I have only a few businesses that I work with and I’ve picked them because they’re the best, they’re educated and they don’t cost an arm and a leg. I’ll preface this, before someone says it, I do NOT get any kick back for my referrals! I’m just all about helping people out and making sure they get the best service and the best deal.

Let’s get right into the checklist and then I’ll give you some tips to help you out!




  • 9-7  MONTHS
    -Make a beauty plan (decide what’s important to you)
    -Create a budget
    -Start your skincare treatment plan asap! If you’re planning on jump-starting it
    with micro needling now is a great time to do that! Beauty by Alicia
    -Start drinking a lot of water, eating healthy and making fresh juices
  • 6-5 MONTHS
    -Start your hair care treatment (we suggest using Monat, it’s worked wonders
    and is all natural), link provided below.
    -Schedule your Hair & Makeup Trial Session
    -Get a facial if you’re going to a professional, otherwise choose an exfoliate
    that has beads that are even, (we do NOT recommend St. Ives)
  • 4-3 MONTHS
    -Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and eating foods rich in
    -Book your first teeth whitening session with ProSmilesLLC or buy the
    teeth whitening kit. I prefer this one over Crest Whitening Strips. It’s dentist
    grade product without the crazy price! (only $40)
  • 2 MONTHS
    -Eyebrow design-start your sculpting now with Beauty by Alicia
    -Test out and schedule your spray tan for the perfect look! (referral list below)
    -Final hair cut and color
  • 1 MONTH
    -Lock in your wedding day Hair & Makeup
    -Get eyelash extensions with Beauty by Alicia
    -Schedule your final teeth whitening with Prosmiles
    -Prepare your feet and nails (I suggest ColorStreet for nail designs, and for
    girls that don’t enjoy fake nails like myself)
    -Start spray tanning now if you’re going for 3 shades or more darker than your
    natural skin tone
  • 1 WEEK
    -Clean up eyebrows and touch up lashes
    -Use your teeth whitening kit at home
    -Spray Tan
  • 2 DAYS
    -Spray Tan Touch Up
    -Wake up with a zit? Don’t stress, put some coconut oil on it and it’ll disappear!




    -Drink plenty of water
    -Eat a healthy breakfast (doesn’t have to be big)
    -Enjoy yourself and just live in the moment!!



Vendor List that I trust, know and have worked with for your beauty needs:

Teeth Whitening– ProsmilesLLC
PRO-TIP: In between your teeth whitening sessions brush your teeth
with Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide once  week.
When booking Full Wedding Planning with Meaghan Hurn
Events, you’ll receive this service for FREE!
Eyelash Extensions & Microblading—Beauty by Alicia
Nail Designs—ColorStreet My Nail Candy
PRO-TIP: These make great gifts for your bridesmaids, and are
significantly less expensive than paying for everyone to have
their nails done!
Hair & Makeup Artists—Bombshell 7 Beauty
Beyond Bridal Beauty

Healthy Hair Products—Donelle’s Monat
PRO-TIP: Start this early! The longer you use these products the
healthier your natural hair gets!
Healthy Food & Juice Tips—-Chef Meaghan
PRO-TIP: When booking Full & Partial Wedding Planning with
Meaghan Hurn Events, you’ll receive this service for FREE!

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